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Therapy-Fitness CO-OP

The time and work spent at your physical therapy sessions are valuable to you.  It is our prority to ensure you have continuted tools and support to maintain your improved health after your therapy is completed.  Our solution is, as you near the end of your therapy you may be working with your therapist as well as one of our fitness professionals to improve strength, educate, and provide  options for continued services for your personal fitness and health goals. FOR MORE INFORMATION send us a message in the box to the right.

Personal Training & Personal Fitness


APT is proud to have an in-house wellness partner.  We welcomed Sculpted Physique Wellness Center into our facility in July of 2013. They provide personal training services on a whole new level.  They will equip you with knowledge to improve your physical health so your can do it on your own if you chose or increase capabilities as their client. Their training style relies heavily on functional movement, core strength, stability, balance, flexibility, agility, as well as sports performance and muscle gain.


email Bekah at [email protected]

Nutrition Support & Supplementation, and Weight Loss/Management

       Our in house partner in wellness services provides our patients as well as their personal clients with elite supplementation coaching and nutrition support.  You will benefit from personal evaluations and coaching, meal management and planning systems, and more. All consultations are complimentary.  The comprehensive weight loss nutrition systems are customized to your individual needs. our professionals will provide one-on-one coaching and teaching on how you need to eat to lose, gain, and maintain. Plans to choose from include 30 day, 90 day, and 6 months+. Check out our nutrition website at and send us a message  and we will send you the program details, benefits, and schedule a free consultation to customize pricing that fits your needs and budget.