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What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is the use of exercise and the elements of heat, electricity, ultrasound, whirlpool and massage to relieve pain, promote healing, restore function and prevent disability.
Physical therapists specialize in helping patients with permanent or temporary pain, disability, sports injuries, birth defects, extended illness, loss of limb, neurological deficits, or acute musculoskeletal pathology. In coordination with the physician, physical therapists aid in the prevention of disability and the maintenance and improvement of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems of the individual.
Physical therapy is implemented through direct patient care, instruction to patients, families, supportive personnel, and through coordination and consultation with other health professionals.





Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services

  * Evaluation and Testing

* Therapeutic exercise (ROM, isometrics, isotonics, isokinetics, coordination/balance, posture/muscle re-education, and stretching

* Joint mobilization 

* Ultrasound

* Cryotherapy (cold packs, contrast baths)
* Whirlpool (including sterile)
* Therapeutic Massage
* T.E.N.S
* Work Conditioning

* Electrical Stimulation
* Traction (cervical/pelvic)
* Functional ADL's
* Wound Dressing and Debridement
* Gait Training
* Patient/Family Education
* Specialized hand splinting
* Back school

Sculpted Physique Wellness  Center (SPW)

* Nutrition and Supplementation Support

* Massage Therapy

* Personal Training, Fitness, and Weight Management


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